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Fear fears you


You have a heart of void, and shadows for blood, villain.

You have poison in your breath, and a laugh that cracks stone, villain.

You have a subtle mind that can split a knife, and muscles that can bend steel, villain.

Fear, itself, fears you, villain.

So when you are weak or tired or afraid, draw yourself up from your dark, sinister core and unleash the unholy, unknowable energy that drives you.

Anonymous asked:
who wrote the piece entitled "IF YOU ARE A MONSTER, BY CHOICE OR BIRTH OR CURSE" because i would love to ask their permission to sample it in a monologue

We wrote it. We write/draw/create/etc. everything we publish, unless it’s reblogged from another source (this is very rare).

Shoot a note to Atticus to discuss.

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Anonymous asked:
Any tips for a villain with powers themed around the control of anything related to music?

Beware of Southerners and their goddamn violins. 

Anonymous asked:
I recently made an eldritch pact in a grab for power, but my minions are unsettled by the shadowy tendrils that are springing up around the lair and I fear that their productivity is being negatively affected. How can I put them at ease without decimating my workforce?

Shadowy tendrils can often, when asked politely, be used to serve tea and refreshments. Have a seminar about the newest inhabitants of your lair, serve refreshments!

Everyone loves a fay tea party!

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Anonymous asked:
Have you ever considered making mouse pads? I'm currently a low level minion, but I have big dreams, and I'm sure that having something of yours in my cubicle would really help me stay motivated. (Also, the boss makes us supply our own mouse pads. Minion morale is really quite low. He's underestimating us and I think he's going to come to regret it...)

We can certainly look into mouse pads, sure. In the mean time, quite a few folk have sent us notes and photos of our art prints as desk decorations. Atticus always wears at least one tiny Halloween pin when he is meeting non-spooky folk on business.

Good luck with your ascent to power.

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The gates open October 1.


Starting October 1, 2014, we will begin posting entries from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters.

Entries will be posted four times a day, in order of publication, for 61 days — at which time we will renew the cycle and start from the beginning.

This blog is brought to you by evilsupplyco and will be properly styled before launch (consider this post a fun teaser to get you to follow, which you absolutely should.)

Tonight’s task involves setting up the back end for this project. See you all October 1.