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  1. Sweet dreams

    Isn’t “sweet dreams” such a wonderful phrase? To whisper with a knowing smile from lips that can conjure the exact opposite?

    "Sweet dreams." Is it, then, a taunt? A promise? A tease?

    "Sweet dreams," they whisper, shut the door, and then all goes dark, and you presume to be alone. Not terribly comforting, is it?

  2. master-of-strings:

    So earlier I got my package from evilsupplyco!

  3. Starlight, Star Map

    Let’s set aside a moment the idea that physical matter cannot go faster than the speed of light (we have a few tricks up our sleeves).

    Let’s say the speed of light is relatively slow.

    The night sky becomes a cosmic switchboard for travel. A glistening address book shining down upon the world as we sip our coffee and watch with wonder at the universe beyond. The multiverses beyond that.

    How beautiful.

    And if you tune it right, focusing the energy of the starlight itself, your energy needs to travel diminishes significantly. Using the map itself to power your travel as it guides you. The equivalent of an electrified rail road throughout every point in existence, at every point in time.

    Because paths are rarely one way, and our sun is a star, beaming it’s own path into the night sky of countless other worlds.

    How terrifying.

    (Sponsoring product for this post: Evil Supply Co.’s logo t-shirt)

  4. huesitititos:

evilsupplyco: FOUND IT!!!


    evilsupplyco: FOUND IT!!!

  5. combatbooty said: What does one write in the "Area of Expertise" field at Notary Noir?

    Your notary noir Area of Expertise is, simply, what you are proficient in notarizing. What fields of work you can view and certify as accurate.

  6. May the good luck raven get you through Monday morning.

  7. humorismymask:


    I don’t know if any of you noticed, but I really like evilsupplyco
    They’re kinda magnificent

    And malignant

    There was a day of inauguration when you first discovered us. You woke up one afternoon and found out there really are monsters under your bed, and they want to be friends. This doesn’t mean they are safe, this doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

    (Source: spirogender)

  8. evilsupplyco:

Photo of cemetery gate by Evil Supply Co. Shot in 2013.


    Photo of cemetery gate by Evil Supply Co. Shot in 2013.

  9. Packing up the Dracula sketches as we wrap this month’s Mister Ghost. Be on the lookout for your shipments in the next week or so!

    Packing up the Dracula sketches as we wrap this month’s Mister Ghost. Be on the lookout for your shipments in the next week or so!

  10. Anonymous said: I've been having a lot of difficulty getting down to doing evil lately, Evil Supply Co, and I think I need help. I have all these delightful schemes and plots, but when it comes to the execution there-of, I find myself faltering.



    The first thing we ask each and every professional villain who comes to us is, simply, “How do you personally define success?”

    For some people, it is to take over a city. Others want the world, and yet still others want to rule all existence. Some simply want a more comfortable lifestyle, or freedom from the fear of obliteration at the hands of death.

    Each stratagem laid out, with our help or by your own hand (claw, tentacle, or other appendage), must start from this basic premise: how is success defined, by you, right now?

    Remove everything else from your vision. Carve away any unnecessary element. Now tackle the goal one paper thin layer at a time.

    It is easy to grow discouraged because we too often focus on the here and now — a single failed plan or one batch of killer robots that explode, blowing up the workshop.

    But you are not made of a single plan or a single batch of robots. You are made up of a lifetime’s progress to date, and you will continue on.

    So take a step back, decide what goals you’re looking to accomplish, and begin again, more experienced and better equipped.

    But what steps have I actually taken today towards achieving my own underwater volcano lair?

    Deciding one and for all you wanted your volcano lair underwater instead of on an island. We are proud of your progress!